If the salary administration is not able to pay the employees’ wages in time, the amounts of extra costs and advance payments can rise to €40,000 euros after three days, €80,000 euros after 1 week and €160,000 euros after 2 weeks.


Bicsma’s production environment is ISO-9001-certified and meets the HACCP-requirements. In addition, the company works with the so-called ‘traceability matrix’. This tool is used whenever the quality of a product poses a danger to the public health.

Every manufacturer of soft drinks is legally obligated to indicate all ingredients on the products’ labels. Fruit juices, for example, contain a maximum of 15 grammes of fruit sugar per litre. This is sometimes more for citrus fruits. Furthermore, to a number of drinks flavouring, aromatic and colouring agents are added. Some drinks also contain vitamin mixtures and minerals. Bicsma is no exception here. All labels include this information.